Engaging Libraries: Learning from Phase 1

The Yard, Edinburgh

Year of publication
Carnegie UK Trust

The aim of Engaging Libraries Phase was to enable public libraries to pilot public engagement activities on health and wellbeing. Engaging Libraries: Learning from Phase 1 provides an overview of the 14 Engaging Libraries projects across 16 public library services, identifies factors which facilitated the successful delivery of Engaging Libraries projects and factors which inhibited some projects, and uses case studies to illustrate reflections from the programme on working with partners, new skills, knowledge and approaches and the benefits of a network.

Projects included:
Comics and Cosplay (Oldham) brought together art, theatre and comics to open up discussions about mental health among young people in Oldham.
The Final Party (Redbridge) positioned the library as a safe place to talk about and plan for death without fear or embarrassment.
Teddy Bears Picnic (London) sparked discussions between pre-school children and their parents or carers about what a healthy lifestyle means.
Brainworks (East Dunbartonshire) encouraged people to explore aspects of neuroscience and brain research within their local library, through a variety of intergenerational activities.
Body Image and Mind (Leeds) encouraged people to explore the theme of body image and the impact it has on self-confidence, mental and physical health and wellbeing.
The Travelling Happiness Bar (Bolton) provided an informative signposting installation to introduce and provoke conversation about ‘the five ways to wellbeing’.

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