Fair Work in Scotland’s Social Care Sector 2019

The Gathering 2018

Year of publication
Fair Work Convention

This is the first report by the Fair Work Convention (FWC) since the Fair Work Framework was published.

"In January 2017 the FWC established our inquiry because of concerns raised over the social care workforce during the consultation on the Fair Work Framework. The Convention chose to prioritise social care and to set up an inquiry to explore whether fair work is being delivered in the sector.

Our overarching finding is that fair work is not being consistently delivered in the social care sector. Despite some good practice and efforts by individual employers, the wider funding and commissioning system makes it almost impossible for providers to offer fair work. We found that this mainly female workforce has limited meaningful collective voice. Effective voice is highlighted in the Fair Work Framework as vital to delivering fair work, providing the mechanism for workers to pursue other dimensions of fair work, such as security, fulfilment and respect."

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