Policy Forum

The Policy Forum is an SCVO initiative to strengthen the voice of the third sector in Scotland. Members of the Forum are supported by SCVO to take a lead role on behalf of SCVO and the wider third sector to think about the future of the social, political, and economic context within which the third sector operates.

The Forum follows a process similar to a parliamentary committee; hearing from key stakeholders, gathering evidence and intelligence, analysing it, and producing an annual report on an agreed futures focused topic which makes recommendations to SCVO.

To contact the Forum email policy@scvo.org.uk

Current membership of the Forum:

  • David McColgan (Chair)
  • Shaben Begum
  • Kate Cunningham
  • Jim Dorman
  • Jennifer Fingland
  • Andrew Jackson
  • Paul Liddell
  • Ian McCall
  • Greg McKracken
  • Janis McCulloch
  • Frank McKillop
  • Pauline Nolan
  • Jo Pike
  • Niall Sommerville
  • Fraser Sutherland
Page last modified on 2nd April 2019