SCVO has repsonded to the First Minister’s speech regarding Fair Work at the SNP Conference this afternoon.

SCVO Chief Executive Anna Fowlie said: “We welcome the First Minister’s expanded commitment to Fair Work – it’s essential that the Scottish Government uses all the drivers at their disposal to promote fair work.

“The third sector is strongly supportive of the fair work agenda and employers in the sector want to embrace fair work, but are often prevented by short-term, project-based funding models and cumbersome, task-focused procurement practices.

“SCVO has long advocated that organisations who want government support must offer proper contracts, end zero hours contracts, pay the living wage and tackle gender-based inequality to help Scotland create a more inclusive society in which everyone can share the benefits of economic growth.

” We hope the First Minister will make these commitments a reality in short order and also ensure that procurement processes, accreditation schemes and business pledges are only open to those who want to make a meaningful contribution to the fair work agenda and creating a more equal society.”