The Gathering 2017

Trustees have a significant part to play in your organisation. They are there to oversee and take responsibility for everything your organisation does. Being a trustee is an important role and should not to be taken on without an understanding of what’s involved.

Roles and responsibilities

Information on who can be a trustee and what’s involved. Find out about collective responsibility, personal liability and the difference between governance and management.

Recruitment and induction

Make sure you’re clear about what’s involved in recruiting trustees, as this will have an impact across your whole organisation. Once you’ve got them, make sure they get a good introduction and a comprehensive induction.


Running effective and efficient meetings will help your organisation achieve its objectives. Find out how to set an agenda and take minutes, and ensure your trustees follow a Code of Conduct.

Developing your board

Your trustees need to continually evolve and adapt. In order to develop a problem solving approach and ensure a long-term future, you need to invest in training and development for your trustees.


Information about safeguarding.

Jargon buster

Clear descriptions of common governance words and phrases.

Third sector mediation

Don’t let things get out of hand, get help to nip conflict in the bud.

Page last modified on 21st May 2018