Milo Training Videos

n.b. these videos are from 2015, so some of the visuals have changed. We’ll be getting a new suite of videos available soon.

Video Walkthrough of Milo

An overview of Milo, showing some of the more common features of Milo.

How to reset your password

This video will show you how you can reset your password in Milo.

Building a basic Report and Dashboard

This video goes over the basics of building a new Report and creating a Dashboard with the reports results.

Creating a mailing list in Milo

This video will show how you can create a basic mailing list within Milo.

Using Bucket filters in Milo

This video provides an overview of Bucket filters in Milo.

Building a basic Report

This video shows you how to create a basic Report within Milo.


How to Link Social Media in Milo

Demonstrating how you can link social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Klout) to Organisation and Contact pages of Milo.

How to create an Event in Milo

A video showing how the new event feature works in Milo.

How to create a Note and add a File in Milo

Video demonstrating how to add files, as well as creating notes on pages.

Page last modified on 27th January 2020