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20th & 21st February / SEC, Glasgow
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Bala Sport

Twitter: @BalaSportUK

Bala Sport is a Glasgow based co-operative social enterprise set up to give sports ball workers in developing countries a fair deal. We offer great quality balls for football, rugby and futsal with our training and match quality footballs made to the same standards as FIFA balls. For our workers in Pakistan and India we ensure through the Fairtrade Standards that they work in safe conditions, get fair wages, access to union representation and benefit from the extra 10% Fairtrade Premium. This is a cash sum that goes directly to the workers through a special committee to be invested democratically in social development projects including free eye and diabetes tests, free transport from villages to work, free school books & backpacks for workers kids and most significantly safe drinking water for anyone in the community, not just the workers.

Bala Sport balls have been used as the official match ball of the Homeless World Cup and are the official match ball of the Scottish Futsal League. They are the ball of choice for an increasing number of grassroots clubs and schools keen to make an ethical choice.

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