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20th & 21st February / SEC, Glasgow
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Fathers Network Scotland


Fathers Network Scotland aims to make Scotland a father-friendly society, which encourages the full and welcome involvement of dads in the lives of their children.  We are father-friendly and family-focussed – less about fathers’ rights and more about children’s needs.  We are a small charity with big ambitions and work across a number of areas to make our vision of Scotland a reality:

  • we train and mentor organisations providing front-line services to fathers and families to be more dad-inclusive in their practice (from NHS and local authorities to third sector organisations)
  • we help businesses embrace more family-friendly working practices
  • we work with policy makers to influence change and ensure dads’ perspectives are included in their consultations
  • we bring together a network of organisations working with fathers and provide a hub for information, consultancy and training on what’s best practice in dads’ work
  • we campaign and raise awareness of issues that affect fathers and families
  • we commission research from academic partners on important dads’ issues that gives us the evidence to back up our work
  • we provide direct support to fathers and families through our pioneering Schools and Prisons Programmes, which aim to empower dads to maintain happy, healthy family relationships.

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