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Streamline background checking
SureCert’s platform for digital identity focuses on digitising the recruitment process in a way that maximises both trust and efficiency for both the candidate and the recruiter – and helps to get employees in to work faster.

SureCert is a digital platform, controlled by the individual, that integrates and stores all elements of an individual’s identity in one place – an online candidate passport.

Secure Online Reference Verification
Tired of chasing references? On SureCert, the candidate requests the references themselves, reducing admin time for the company. They do this once so referees are not plagued every time the candidate applies for a new job. Once verified, SureCert stores these in a way which the candidate cannot amend.

Document Upload
There’s a lot of paperwork involved in meeting requirements for recruiting and managing staff and not everything can be digitised. Employees can securely store their personal background documents as necessary (eg. ID, Right to work in the UK, Financial checks, etc.), just by taking a picture with their mobile phone – or uploading a file from a desktop computer.

Proof of Identity
We can verify your candidate’s identity.

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