The Gathering
19th & 20th February / SEC, Glasgow
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A universal approach to support

Hosted by Royal College of Occupational Therapists

Date: Thursday 20 February
Time: 3.00pm to 4.00pm
Room: Alsh Suite 2

The session will explore different approaches to providing support to ensure shorter waits for people who need occupational therapy. Examples from children’s occupational therapy services in Scotland will be shared. These services have significantly reduced waiting times by working in partnership to train and support people working with children in a range of settings to equip them to meet children’s basic needs – this is a more universal approach. This increases the reach of the profession and children get the help they need more quickly without having to wait to see an occupational therapist. In addition, and importantly, this reduces waiting lists so those children with greater and more complex need are seen more quickly. Although the examples given relate to the success in children services the objective of this workshop is to demonstrate that this model of support and training could be replicated across all ages and that by strengthening the links, and sharing knowledge, between occupational therapists and the third sector we can provide improved, quicker support.

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