The Gathering
19th & 20th February / SEC, Glasgow
@scvotweet / #scvogathering

Inside the mind of a hacker

Hosted by SCVO Digital

Date: Wednesday 19 February
Time: 11.45am to 12.45pm
Room: Alsh Suite 2

A unique opportunity to quiz Mike Jones, ex Anonymous Hacker on his life as a member of the notorious ideological organisation that is Anonymous and his journey from Black Hat to White Hat. 

Former US military intelligence expert and Iraq war veteran, Mike Jones, also known as ‘sting3r’, will share his insider knowledge as a one-time member of the notorious hacking collective Anonymous, revealing how he got involved and why he’s turning his back on the masked movement. 

Mike Jones, who is ‘an original member’ of the group, will openly discuss how his eventual support for the collective quickly spiralled into disillusionment and how he hopes that sharing his message will encourage organisations to take cyber security seriously and young people to think twice before donning the mask and following in his previous footsteps. 

Please come armed with questions – this is a unique opportunity to explore inside the mind of an ex-Anonymous hacker. 

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