The Gathering
19th & 20th February / SEC, Glasgow
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The naked treasurer

Hosted by CCLA

Date: Wednesday 19 February
Time: 3.45pm to 4.45pm
Room: Alsh Suite 1

All your charity’s trustees are collectively responsible for effective financial management, but most boards still like to call one individual ‘treasurer’ and expect them to take the lead on financial governance. Some treasurers leap at the chance and even revel in the mystique of the role; others are pushed reluctantly into the post and are intimidated by the whole thing. But it’s not rocket science, just applied common sense. In this session we’re going to show why anyone can understand their charity’s finances. You may be the treasurer and want to serve as the ears and eyes of trustees who (think they) don’t know anything about finance; or you may be the trustee or finance manager who’s afraid to challenge the ‘expert’ treasurer. We’ll look at the key questions you should ask, and what to make of the answers you get.

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