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19th & 20th February / SEC, Glasgow
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Drake Music Scotland

Twitter: @drakemusicscot

Music is a powerful tool to improving quality of life and we believe everyone should have access to it.  As Scotland’s leading disability music organisation, every year we support over 1000 disabled children and adults to play music and sing which can help reduce isolation, boost confidence and self-esteem and improve wellbeing.

We are one of the world leaders in finding new ways to ensure everyone can take part.  For example, we are helping to develop a range of music instrument technologies which are played by movements of the eyes, facial muscles and even brainwaves.

Based in Edinburgh, we run projects across Scotland for disabled people of all ages including our Digital Orchestra (the world’s first disabled youth orchestra) which we took to Singapore to perform on the international stage for the first time.  This huge undertaking saw the group reach an audience of over 10,000 and highlighted how our work in Scotland is leading the world in promoting equality for disabled young musicians.

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