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Matter of Focus

Twitter: @matter_of_focus

Matter of Focus is a mission led company that helps organisations make better use of their data and information to learn, improve and tell the story of the difference they make.

Matter of Focus specialises in working with organisations that make a difference by inspiring, educating, empowering, caring for, leading or connecting with people. Over the past year we worked with more than 50 organisations including: Age Scotland, UNICEF, Penumbra, Future Pathways, Includem, Kibble, Starcatchers and The Scottish Book Trust.

Matter of Focus is led by Dr Ailsa Cook and Dr Sarah Morton, both internationally renowned for their expertise on outcomes and evidence to action. Ailsa and Sarah know how important it is for organisations to understand and demonstrate the difference they make to the people and communities they serve. They have developed and refined an evidence-informed approach to outcome evaluation which is practical and achievable. Matter of Focus is the developer of OutNav; a simple to use, digital platform that provides teams with a single space for outcome planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting.

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