The Gathering
19th & 20th February / SEC, Glasgow
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Resilient Communities Team, Scottish Government

Twitter: @ReadyScotland

When you think about emergencies affecting you and your community what comes to mind? How would people in your community come together to help each other, work with the emergency services and voluntary organisations and how would your community cope with recovering from a serious event?

Communities all over Scotland have experienced emergencies including severe winter weather, flooding, travel disruption, fuel shortages, animal diseases, and health challenges like norovirus outbreaks and even pandemic flu. Challenges like these affect us all in going about our daily lives.

The good news is that when communities organise themselves by making sensible preparations and using the skills and knowledge that the community has it can make a really positive difference to how the community copes, and recovers, from challenging times.

Household preparations, like having an emergency kit or knowing where to quickly lay hands on a few essentials, keeping a winter-emergency kit in your car, or knowing what to do if it looks like your home might be flooded can make a big difference too.

You can find out more on preparing for challenging situations on Ready Scotland and the Resilient Communities team will be on hand throughout The Gathering to provide support and advice.

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