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Scottish Government, Patient Charter


Everyone who uses NHS services in Scotland has rights about how they access and receive their care. These rights ensure people are treated safely, fairly and effectively, and with consideration, dignity and respect.

The Charter of Patient Rights and Responsibilities (the Charter) summarises what everyone is entitled to and what is expected of them when they use NHS services and receive NHS care in Scotland. That includes patients, their carers, family members and NHS staff.

The Scottish Government have revised the Charter to ensure it continues to accurately summarise the rights and responsibilities of everyone who uses the NHS in Scotland, and published it in June 2019. The objective of the Charter is to raise people’s awareness of their rights and responsibilities in relation to health care and health services.

The Participation Team within the Scottish Government are looking forward to meeting you at our stand where you can learn more about the Charter and what it means for you and/or your service users. We can provide advice and explain what resources are available for you to use to promote the Charter to your service users.

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