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19th & 20th February / SEC, Glasgow
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Simon Community Scotland

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Simon Community Scotland launched its Period Friendly Initiative in 2017, responding to feedback from homeless women who receive support from our Street Outreach Team.  We heard then that women were creating makeshift sanitary products from socks and leaves, as purchasing sanitary products were beyond their means.  We also heard from women that they often didn’t know what was happening to them during menstruation, as they never had conversations about this growing up, nor did they want to speak with anyone now – it was just another traumatic experience to add to their long list…

Simon Community Scotland listened and learned from these conversations. We knew that we had to provide free sanitary products, clean underwear and personal hygiene products across the city in targeted public toilet facilities where we knew that homeless women would use.  We also knew that we had to create a brand that at a glance women would recognise wherever it was displayed they could pop in and help themselves to free sanitary products.  From this we established a band of dedicated volunteers who proudly take ownership of stocking venues across the city of Glasgow.  We are now delighted to be involved in recruiting an army of dedicated volunteers to support the growth of the initiative in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth and beyond.

Today we are asking for urgent donations of new packs of ladies pants in small sizes (8-12) to support our Period Friendly Initiative.  Additionally, we also urgently require donations of small sizes of men’s under pants too (small and medium).  Thank you everyone for your marvellous generosity in helping bring a period of dignity to people who are homeless.

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