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Cassiltoun Housing Association

Charity registered in Scotland SC035544

Cassiltoun Housing Association is the oldest community ownership housing co-operative in not only Castlemilk, but also Glasgow, being registered with the Industrial and Provident Society in December 1984. The Association is managed by a voluntary Board made up of local people.

We are very proud of our roots in the ‘co-operative’ ethos, which we have retained while remaining innovative as we continue to grow. We employ 26 full-time equivalent members of staff. We are very committed to partnership working and wider action / non housing projects that benefit local people and the local economy. The combined parent and subsidiary companies have a diverse mixed tenure portfolio of over 1,000 houses, offices, children’s nursery (employs 19 staff) and training rooms mainly, but not exclusively, in the east of Castlemilk.

“We aim to enhance the quality of life of our community and to regenerate our community through housing-led and resident-controlled initiatives.”

  • From 1st November 2018 to 1st November 2019
  • Award: £7,000 via Call 6

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Project plan

Project description

Digital Outreach proposes to support the local community and tenants with a focus on increasing their basic digital skills and understanding / usefulness of now being able to use laptops, tablets and any other digital device that can be used for accessing online, increasing digital knowledge and for day to day life style activities. The key focus of the Digital Outreach project will be around when CHA goes into Universal Credit full service.

The project will utilise resources we already have, however, the funding will allow these resources to expand to other clients; tenants and the local community. Digital Outreach will create an opportunity to have weekend and evening appointments and additional appointments during the working day(s). There are currently some barriers for people to come into the office, Digital Outreach is a response to a previous project that this was an outcome of and therefore the funding would supply sources and additional staffing costs. The reason for the one to one appointments came around due to recognising that some clients do not feel confident enough, especially those lacking basic I.T skills to come into an environment with other service users or where there are other members of staff.

Devices that will be used are the laptops we currently have, which are 10 (pre-owned) in total. With the Digital Outreach, additional devices would be purchased to support the project. The other devices would be two tablets, a 1 year contracted dongle and a wireless printer and an additional 2 laptops. The project also would have a speaker in to run a Universal Credit workshop for tenants and the local community and allow additional staffing hours to open up 'out of hours' appointments.

Project milestones

Phase 1

Promoting of the project - getting people involed

Phase 2

Providing basic digital skills and understanding of universal credit

Phase 3

Increasing clients confidence and employablility skills



Since beginning in June, Karen (the Digital Inclusion Worker) has had 17 one-to-one appointments, including supporting three individuals to develop attractive CVs by helping them to realise their skills and value, with one of these people successfully getting a job by using their new CV.

Our Friday Feed sessions have attracted new individuals and previous attendees of other sessions, which has led to the development of a core group of regulars who attend the Friday Feed session. Some of our regulars have went on to successfully buy items online where they did not have online shopping accounts prior to attending the digital sessions, and others can now manage digital data such as family photos and documents on their personal devices by backing up these files onto external storage devices such as USB memory sticks.

In response to recurring concern from regulars about their online safety, our workshop 'Stables: Online Security' was developed and incorporated into one Friday Feed session. As part of this workshop, participants learned how to create strong, memorable passwords, how to identify scam emails, and what services anti-virus software can offer. From this, participants fed back that they enjoyed the informal approach, and that many went on to change their online passwords based on what they learned as part of the workshop. Furthermore, one individual was supported to register for online banking, which they have stated has been invaluable in helping them to run their private gardening business.
The digital inclusion project at Castlemilk Stables has had a great impact to a smaller number of individuals, who have all feedback that the support they have received has helped them to feel more confident in using digital technology as well as feeling safer online. The positive work going on at the Stables by the Community Team was articulated in a poem written by a member of the creative writing group, which was then digitized into a video in a group effort by different regular attendees. This video highlights the positive impact of the work of the Community Team on individuals and families as well as the daily success stories we see within the Stables.

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