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Project plan

Project description

In partnership with the Church of the Nazarene, Parkhead and Easterhouse Community Church we will operate weekly digital drop-ins in learning centres based in the heart of each community. The learning centres provide an informal and relaxed environment where adults with varying digital know-how are able to learn basic computer skills, improve their IT knowledge, write a CV, search for jobs, training and voluntary opportunities, learn how to safely use the internet, access email and use social media. The drop-ins are open to anyone from within the community and we expect that the majority of those that attend will lack or have no IT knowledge and skills, be unemployed, be living in poverty and have no access to a computer or internet within their own home. The drop-ins will be managed by each Church and a member their staff team. A Bethany Community Development Worker will jointly support and facilitate the running of the Digital Oasis programme. The staff team will be supported by local volunteers (some of whom will be from our Church partners) who will be on hand to offer group and 1:1 support to learners. This support will include writing a learning plan with each individual and identifying the goals each person wants to achieve and marking their progress towards these goals. The learning centres in Parkhead and Easterhouse will provide the community with more access to computer and the digital world. We expect that this increased access will see a greater number of job applications being submitted and will improve the chances of people securing successful employment opportunities. Additional outcomes of the Digital Oasis drop-ins include: Increase in participant's self-esteem and confidence. Decreased social isolation. Increased positive networks. Increase in training and volunteering opportunities. Increased knowledge and confidence in applying for online benefits. Increase positive life aspirations. Positively transformed lives. Revitalised communities. Our learning centre drop-ins include aspects of innovation which set us apart from other services and offer our participants increased access to further opportunities. The learning centres have a natural and organic nature which stem from the outreach of the churches. This results in a very relational service being offered to those who attend the learning centres. The initial contact is often established through refreshments and informal conversations which goes a long way in building relationships and opening pathways into helping service users in other areas of their lives. Bethany works in some of the most deprived areas of Glasgow in partnership with many churches, local authority departments and agencies. Through these partnerships we deliver befriending and mentoring support, family support and initial community engagement programmes that help reduce isolation and increase community cohesion. We can link learners from the Digital Oasis programme to other services and forms of support across the city to enhance the chances of people achieving positive outcomes and attaining their aspirations. The Digital Oasis programme will run from January 2015 to January 2016.

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