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We exist to engage, educate and empower women from many different cultures, to allow them to build their personal and educational skills and to give them access to opportunities to achieve their personal goals.
We see a substantial increase in women’s desire to gain and/or develop additional skills and gain employment as soon as they gain the confidence to use English and have built a supportive social circle.
We will offer a programme of activities and events to promote the participation of women from BME communities who are often isolated and excluded due to poor or non-existent English skills. These women will be able to access support to gain English-communication skills and build confidence and self-esteem, enabling them to engage in the wider community, their children’s education, community issues, politics, decision making, further skills development and education as well as moving towards employment.

  • From 1st February 2017 to 31st March 2018
  • Award: £2,040 via Call 4
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Project plan

Project description

This project will provide information and training sessions around using smart phones and tablets to access the internet. The programme will be defined by the needs of the women taking part - it is expected activities will include: setting up emails; creating and using online accounts; internet safety; price comparisons; searching for local information etc. A sessional project tutor will be recruited and supervised by the communities worker. All activity will take place across Dundee.

Project milestones

Phase 1

Sessional Worker recruited

Phase 2

First group of 10 sessions planned, prepared, deliverd and evaluated

Phase 3

Second group of 10 sessions planned, prepared, deliverd and evaluated

Phase 4

Third group of 10 sessions planned, prepared, deliverd and evaluated



We delivered three programmes of learner-led sessions for women who have English as a second language, with the aim of helping them to be more socially, economically and politically included in the wider society. The sessions covered things like internet security, shopping, finding work, communicating and translation. The trainer asked participants to complete a short survey at the start and finish of the programmes so that he could evaluate their progress. We were able to reach women who were looking for work, who were learning basic IT skills and those who have children and want to be able to understand what they are doing on social media.

Raymond Chan from DSEN has continued to work with women from BME back grounds to raise their awareness of how they can make more use of digital and increase their skills. We completed our second round of sessions in December with 14 women taking part over all. The last group have just started, but bad weather has meant that attendance has been lower, just 3 so far, but we expect others to join in. At the start of each block of sessions, the trainer asks learners to complete an online survey. This allows him to see where gaps in knowledge are and what areas the women have identified that they want to learn about.

Providing information and training sessions around using smart phones and tablets to access the internet, including setting up emails, creating and using accounts for shopping and jobsearch, safety, internet safety, price comparisons, searching for local information.

The second set of sessions began at the start of November. A timetable has been created to run until the middle of December. The first session was an introduction with an online survey to assess existing activities and skills, subsequent sessions will cover safety, employment and digital footprint, online transactions and shopping, presenting oneself positively and online creativity and completed with an open group and evaluation.

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