Young People's Ambassador Helm Training Limited

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Organisation information

Helm Training Limited

Charity registered in Scotland SC008580

Good HQ

Aims & objectives

Vocational training and social skills for young people together with a job finding and placement service. Work primarily with young people in the NEET category.
Job number
Time of attendance
Monday - Friday between the hours of 08:15 and 16:30
No of references
Hours (per week)
Not supplied
Salary (£/hr)
£6.15 - £8.21 per hour depending on age

Job description

Job Purpose

Helm's new Social Change Team is a pioneering project to place young people's voice at the heart of change. Our vision is a Scotland where all young people can dare to dream.

The project will gather the views and voices of young people with experience of adversity not just "easy to reach", but "hard to ignore!".

We expect this work to lead to raised awareness, changed public attitudes, better informed and trained professionals willing to lead changes in their services.

Through our work - in partnership with the work of many others - we will hope to see a change in outcomes in education, health and employment for all young people, regardless of their background.

Key Responsibilities

•Design and lead own programme of work to meet key outcomes around attitudes, awareness and information

•Work in partnership with community partners and professionals

•Feedback to the Board of Trustees, sharing triumphs and challenges

•Develop, participate and lead in training or workshops designed to change attitudes, enhance practice or promote positive change

•Participate in opportunities to communicate views to professionals, agencies,the public and local and national government

•Identify training needs as required and communicate these effectively

•Contribute to the development of a Team Charter and abide by this

Person specification

The "must-haves":

•Communication - you will be good at listening and (reasonably) confident talking to a wide range of people

•Work Ethic - you will be prepared to roll up your sleeves and learn new skills. Your team will be able to rely on you

•Teamwork - you will like working with other people in a team, be able to look out for other people in your team and work positively with them

•Passion - you will be really interested in making a difference for young people locally and nationally

•Approach - you will be really interested in making a difference for young people locally and nationally

The "help-to-haves":

•Experience - some experience of work, volunteering or within a training programme

•Awareness - some awareness of issues affecting young people in your local and national community

•Engaging - be able to engage people and inspire and influence their thinking in order to affect change

•Skills - good phone, literacy and ICT skills with some prior learning in each area

•Adaptability - you will be able to respond to the needs of the team and be adaptable in your thinking

PVG/disclosure requirements

Required - can start subject to a successful Disclosure/PVG scheme membership