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New Powers In her opening remarks, the First Minister placed emphasis on the fact that her statement coincided with a new parliament with new powers at its disposal. Four new Bills in the legislative programme will see these powers used for the first time those are:… Read more

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The issue of a Scottish Governance Code for the third sector has been discussed in the past but has never got off the ground. At Scotland’s Third Sector Governance Forum, that troubled us. We think the Scottish third sector could really benefit from its own Governan… Read more
Income, Regional and Social Inequality SCVO considers that any future Scottish Government economic strategies should focus on using the economy, and the wealth it creates, to tackle Scotland’s endemic social, health and income inequalities. Scotland suffers from eco… Read more
September 2017 Summary Introduction Here at SCVO we have been engaging our members in a wide-ranging conversation on tax and spending options, in order to find out what are the suggestions the third sector would like to bring to the table ahead of this year’s budget… Read more
Scottish Government Budget Proposals Living Wage Social Care Sector Additional investment of £107 million from NHS Boards to Integration Authorities to support delivery of the Living Wage for social care workers. Employment/Employability Deliver a Scottish employmen… Read more
A Rights Deficit? Along with our members and third sector/civic society partners, SCVO has been vocal about the impact of austerity measures and welfare cuts and the resultant effect on people’s ability to fulfil basic human rights. Responses to, for example, the Oa… Read more