At the moment the SCVO labs team is small but we have big ambitions, put simply, a participation revolution.

We’re building a place for people to share their stories about charities and good causes in Scotland.

I’m passionate about the project and excited about our approach. However, I feel like I’m playing catch up before we’ve really got started – as a team, we committed to blog as we go and so far I’ve not managed it!

My part in the labs team is on top of my normal role at SCVO. There is some cross-over but still not enough hours in the day. Unlike Mr Yiu, I need sleep.

I’m also learning lots of new tools for the first time such as Google Docs, Slack and GitHub.

So tonight is Friday night, I’m babysitting for a friend’s children and I’ve just read Chris’s live blog from Digital Leaders conference. There is so much in it that’s of relevance, I’m driven to pick up my iPad and get my first Labs blog online.

But I’m well aware, I’m lucky. It’s my own device and I work for an organisation that enables me to have remote access.

Many organisations in the third sector are working on a shoe string. Half of charities in Scotland don’t have basic digital skills, let alone the ability to connect their own devices to their systems.

There might not be enough hours in the day to get everything done, but I feel lucky to be able to use technology to help me do as much as possible.