Policy & research

SCVO’s policy team works to ensure that the needs and concerns of the third sector in Scotland are represented in the Scottish, United Kingdom and European Parliaments.

By acting as an authoritative and trusted voice for the sector, SCVO’s policy and research output is delivered through a strong evidence base and an engaged membership.

Page last modified on 29th January 2018


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The Scottish third sector (Detailed statistics will be published soon)


1,200,000+ volunteers


250,000+ trustees


106,000+ paid staff


40,000+ voluntary organisations


£11,713,200,000 in assets


£5.9billion annual turnover in 2017


937 new charities in 2017


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 Evidence Library

A resource for anyone interested in learning about the third sector in Scotland
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 Policy Committee

Advising us on policies which reflect the best interests of the third sector in Scotland
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