Young people and environmental volunteering

The Gathering 2018

Year of publication
Rhoda Macrae and Christine Reilly, VDS

The Green Team runs one-day and residential opportunities for young people between 14-25 years to participate in environmental activities, all run by adult volunteers. The Green Team commissioned Volunteer Development Scotland (VDS) to undertake an evaluation which aims to assess whether the environmental opportunities provided by the Green Team change the ?hearts and minds? of young people about environmental issues. KEY FINDINGS ? Green Team opportunities impact positively on young people?s behaviour, attitudes, knowledge and skills. ? Learning is a by-product of participation. ? There is enhanced understanding and knowledge about the work that goes into maintaining green spaces. ? Attitudinal shifts centre on an increase in awareness of how individual actions have an accumulative effect ? There is an increase in the value of team work. ? There is evidence to suggest that the residential opportunities have a greater impact on the young people.

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