Crowdfunding and the Third Sector in Scotland

Year of publication
Pauline Hinchion/ Scottish Community Re:Investment Trust (SCRT)

This report follows on from earlier Investing in Ideas research which established that there is a need for an alternative approach to the provision of finance for the sector, one that is based on harnessing the collective assets and expertise of the Third Sector in Scotland and which will provide a suite of financial services relevant to the needs of the sector.

Senscot, the Social Entrepreneurs Network Scotland, in conjunction with the Scottish Community Reinvestment Trust (SCRT) are aware that Crowdfunding might be an innovative way of attracting more funding into the Third Sector, particularly for those organisations wishing to secure relatively small sums of money.

Senscot commissioned this Report to provide an overview of the Crowdfunding opportunities, including, its scope, key characteristics, levels of awareness, and the attitudes towards Crowdfunding in the Scottish Third Sector. It provides informational overview of Crowdfunding in addition to Scottish Third Sector specifics as well as any concerns about Crowdfunding that the sector might have.

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