The Causes of Brexit and the Cures

The Gathering 2018

Year of publication

"In the 27 months that have followed the Brexit vote, no systemic political analysis has been made to get to grips with the reasons for Brexit, let alone the cures. While most debate centres on how Brexit should or should not happen, the reasons for the shock vote still need to be fully investigated and responded to – regardless of what happens with Brexit itself."

This report brings together more than 20 short but compelling essays on why people voted for Brexit and what our collective response should be – looking at issues of economy, democracy and culture.

Thinkers and politicians have been drawn together from across progressive politics - Jon Trickett and Lisa Nandy from Labour, Caroline Lucas from the Green Party and the SNP’s Tommy Sheppard.

The cures recommended here - including Universal Basic Services and Income, a Green New Deal, proportional representation, pay ratios, addressing immigration at a regional level and many more - would help answer the call for greater control represented by the vote to leave.

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