The Story of Our Times: shifting power, bridging divides, transforming society

The Gathering 2018

Year of publication
Julia Unwin/ Civil Society Futures

Civil Society Futures is a two-year independent inquiry into the future of civil society in England, the first major inquiry of its kind for over two decades. This report collects the findings of conversations with over 3,000 people from communities across England.

It is a call for all of us in civil society – people, organisations and institutions – to commit to a shared 'PACT': power, accountability, connection, trust

Power: consciously shifting power in big ways, sharing more decision-making and control, being a model for the rest of society and doing whatever is needed so that everyone can play a full part in the things which matter to them.
Accountability: holding ourselves accountable first and foremost to the communities and people we exist to serve, revolutionising our approach – including being more accountable to each other and to future generations.
Connection: broadening and deepening our connections with people and communities – especially when it’s hardest – for this is the heart of civil society’s purpose, bridging the frequent divides that span our society and investing in a new social infrastructure for civil society.
Trust: devoting the time and resources necessary to building trust – our core currency and foundation – earning trust by staying true to our values and standing up for them, and trusting others with vital decisions that affect them.

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