Robin Parker headshot
Jenny Bloomfield

Election predictions, environmental policy and social justice with Robin Parker, WWF Scotland

In the latest SCVO Policy Podcast, Policy Officer Jenny Bloomfield talks to Robin Parker, Public Affairs Manager at WWF Scotland.

Listen below to find out:

  • What Robin thinks will happen in the upcoming General Election
  • What environmental issues Scotland needs to address, and how these link to social justice
  • And whether Scottish politicians have done enough on these issues so far

In the SCVO Policy Podcast series, Jenny will take ten minutes out to discuss current news, legislation, ideas and policy with people from the third sector. For further information please email

WWF Scotland is a small team dedicated to finding solutions to a broad range of pressing environmental problems, all of which affect Scotland. WWF Scotland is part of the international WWF network, one of the world’s most influential environmental organisations.

Find out more on the WWF Scotland website.