The Gathering
20th & 21st February / SEC, Glasgow
@scvotweet / #scvogathering

Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland

Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland are a charity campaigning for a basic income in Scotland. We support a network of basic income advocates – providing training and a platform for discussion. We lend our expertise to government and share the stories of people who would benefit from a basic income.

A basic income is an unconditional payment that every citizen receives, regardless of their employment status and personal circumstances. It is a concept that has been around for centuries and in recent years has become a popular topic of discussion. Due to the rise of the automation of jobs and an increased interest in an economy that puts well-being first, basic income is often seen as a crucial part of our future. A basic income would radically transform the labour market and social security.

Scottish Government are currently looking at whether a basic income experiment would be right for Scotland, so now is the time to join the discussion and shape the future of basic income in Scotland. We provide events, training and support so people like you can speak with confidence about basic income in your community.

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