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The ILF Scotland Transition Fund provides money, for up to one year, to support young people aged 16-21 living with disabilities to improve their lives and help them to take part in their communities. The purpose of the Fund is to help these young people with the transition after leaving school or children’s services to be more independent while continuing to spend time with other people.

ILF Scotland aim to target as many young people as possible and therefore there are only a few criteria which an applicant has to meet to be eligible to apply for the Fund.  For more details of the eligibility criteria, please visit our website here.

We have had many young disabled people apply to the fund with some inspiring and creative ideas,  including art and music lessons,  technology, joining a club, driving lessons, sports equipment and much more. You can read more about the sorts of things young people have been applying for by reading this guest blog from one of our recipients.

There is no deadline or closing date for the Fund, so young people can take their time filling out application forms for the things they feel they need the most. For more information about the ILF Scotland Transition Fund, please visit our website.

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