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19th & 20th February / SEC, Glasgow
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Robots and risk

Hosted by Zurich Insurance

Date: Wednesday 19 February
Time: 2.00pm to 3.00pm
Room: Alsh Suite 2

*4th Industrial Revolution & Artificial Intelligence – what are the Risks?

Following Zurich Municipals recent publication on Artificial Intelligence this session will cover topics such as Weighing Up Risk and Reward, considering the possible Risk Implications and what are the questions to consider with every 4th Industrial Revolution type project.  

Whether you believe we are in the midst of an industrial revolution or not, you won’t have missed the claims of transformational change associated with robots, data and artificial intelligence. 

Organisations are adopting these new technologies, algorithms are being used to select patients for cancer screening, predictive analytics are used to prevent crime, driverless cars are constantly in development and smart city technologies are already a feature within Scotland. 

Despite this, the new world will not be risk free. Algorithms are biased, driverless cars have crashes and organisations could be exposed to new types of risk that are not fully understood. 

During this session, Alan Ross will explore some of the human, reputational, ethical, regulatory and other risks your organisation should be managing.

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