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Auditel help charities and not-for-profit organisations redirect resources from their overheads into frontline projects by helping them make more effective and better informed procurement decisions.

Releasing cash flow to deliver goals.

In the currently challenging economic climate, Not-for-profit organisations are constantly battling with the desire to deliver on their objectives, whilst ensuring that they are investing in the right technologies and receiving value for money from their suppliers.

We can manage our clients overheads on their behalf so they don’t need to. This saves them time, money and heartache and this can be done with no direct cost to them at all, giving them complete peace of mind that their expenditure is under control and they’re always on the most appropriate deals that offer the best value. This allows them to do what they do best: focus on frontline projects.

Auditel have over 100 procurement specialists who are all experts in their own field and we cover over 70 different cost categories, from energy to logistics, waste management to mobiles, office stationery to foreign exchange. If a charity is spending money on it, we can manage it on their behalf and deliver greater value than they could themselves.

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