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Bud and Poppyscotland Learning

Twitter: @poppy_bud

Poppyscotland Learning provides online learning resources for schools and youth organisations, highlighting the importance of remembrance, veterans and the poppy.

Bud is Poppyscotland’s vehicle for exploration and learning, a truck that transforms into a mini poppy factory, micro-museum and with interactive learning opportunities. Bud is free-to-access and accessible-to-all.

Bud encourages visitors to create their personal remembrance journey through exploring the exhibits.  It is helping us keep remembrance relevant all year round.

Schools/Events can Book Bud, for no cost.

Poppyscotland are keen to offer volunteers the opportunity to volunteer on board Bud, this could be at a local school or at a major event anywhere in Scotland.

We are offering an engaging training opportunity as part of this to allow volunteers to;

  • Talk with confidence about exhibits on BUD
  • Show visitors how to interact with each of the exhibits on BUD
  • Describe how the poppy became a symbol of remembrance
  • Describe how the work of Poppyscotland supports veterans and those serving
  • Use your own reflections and information on board BUD to encourage discussion about conflict and what it means to others
  • Demonstrate good volunteer care to others visiting BUD, facilitating an experience that is inclusive, safe, knowledgeable and inspiring

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