The Gathering
19th & 20th February / SEC, Glasgow
@scvotweet / #scvogathering

Scottish Rural Health Partnership

Twitter: @scotruralhealth

SRHP is a membership organisation which is open to all individuals or organisations interested in remote and rural health and wellbeing. We aim to be the leading source of information about rural and remote health and wellbeing, foster collaboration, innovation and idea sharing between our educational, academic, industry, community and NHS members. 


  • To share knowledge of the activities of the Scottish research community in the area of Rural Health and wellbeing
  • To offer opportunities to participate in research, development and implementation programmes related to Rural Health and Wellbeing
  • To facilitate knowledge exchange that enhances needs-driven industry participation in rural health programmes
  • To promote innovation and economic growth through access to Scottish Rural Health knowledge transfer and expertise
  • To aid policy development and public sector involvement in all areas of Scottish Rural Health and wellbeing
  • To enable growth of further education programmes and opportunities for staff in the area of Rural Health and wellbeing
  • To extend SRHP activity to embrace Scottish Rural Health interaction at an international level

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